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For me, writing is like having a vision...

...I get a mental image of someone, something, a place, an idea, etc which summarizes my thought and the feelings associated to it.



 There is always one central word and the other words come spontaneously to gather around it : that  bring a stronger or a more subtle meaning. It works like an association of ideas


Sometimes I see a landscape already framed in a camera. Not getting a picture in that very moment is a real frustration !





Everything comes usually from a piece of paper I like. Suddenly imagination takes over and drives me to build a picture around it. I don't paint though, but use various elements such as magazines, pearls, fibers, make up, etc. What I like is gathering reused elements to create something new.









It's a family story... watch the movie ! (1'48" - 15Mo)

You can also visit www.leonissim.fr.st




Why do I love travelling ?


It's about meeting new people with a different culture (food, streets, mindsets, art, music... everything is different) ; and about freedom.


What do I do when I am travelling ?


I try to live as much as I can as a local person. I want to live this experience entirely so that I can really know about the culture. I try to learn some words of the language. And, even though I have to pay a look to their renowned beauty (usually highly touristical places), I prefer to spend the most of my time wandering and getting a different view of the city than the usual tourist picture.


What do I bring back ?


FOOD... pastries, bakeries, sweets (I can't help myself !) ; magazines ; some photos of course ; good stories !


Which feelings to I get when I travel ?


Great excitement. I plan my budget, buy my tickets and book a room to live. But then, my life spending there is free, no plan. My senses are suddenly very sensitive : any smell, picture, fact, taste,... will be recorded in my mind.


What are my dreamed destinations ?


New York for its architecture, Tokyo for the radical cultural change, Scandinavia for its close-to-nature way of live, New Caledonia for its mysterious beauty, Patagonia for the extreme and wild nature.


My travel book

Read some of my travel stories...


August 1998 - A two weeks trip around Portugal in bicycle through the mountains.

"We learnt how solidarity was important and became a true team whose performance was more important than individual performances. Burning sun and long-stiffed way up (the longest was over 20km, about 11 miles) was..."

June 2003 - A way request in Barcelona’s tube

"I made laugh a lot the family in which I stayed in Barcelona because It happens a funny thing to me. Once in a central tube station ..."

November 2004 - Arrival in London

"I came by myself to England in order to improve my English and get a different experience to what I knew in France. But, I was horrified to discover..."