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Master "Busines Administration, option Corporate Communication et Human resources management" / Postgraduate diploma

Business Administration Institute (IAE) - University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France)

2005 - present



  • Decision Making Process, overview of the data management softwares (datawarehouse, ERP,...) and the business intelligence process
  • Human Resources communication : absenteeism, retiring, sexual harassment, security process, skills development, recruitment, staff representation to the company, employment contracts, etc.
  • Human Resources Management : budget of mass salary, recruitment policy, staff future requirements management, social issues (absenteeism and micro-absenteeism, staff rotation, social climate)
  • Internal communication techniques : audit, plan, tools + crisis communication
  • Business law and work law
  • Press relations's techniques : plan, tools, tools's assessment, global image building, crisis communication, etc.
  • Team projects : powerpoint presentation in english of  Dove's "Real Beauty Campaign" ; practice in real conditions of a press relations's case, communication projetcs to reduce absenteeism...
  • Forthcoming : business plan, internal negociation, social monitoring, intercultural management, marketing & communication, etc.

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Graduation ceremony : I participated to the preparation of the ceremony with some other students



Maîtrise "Information & Communication, option International media's strategies"/ Master's degree

French Press Institute (IFP) - University of Paris II Assas (France)

2003 - 2004

  • Business knowledge of media in France and abroad (business management, technologies, strategies, professionals)

  • General knowledge of communication's styles  : state, corporate, political communication

  • Journalism practice :
    * video commentary (choosing a subject, looking for a location, getting authorizations and people to interview, filming, interviewing, writing and recording of the commentary, sound and video editing)

  • Writing of a master's thesis about the globalization's strategy of Hachette Filipacchi Media Group for its movie magazine Première (Grade A)

_ Researchs (books, press articles, financial documents, marketing documents, business organisation's publications...)

_ Interviews of leading professionals (chief executive for the international developement, editor in chief of the French magazine + e-mails with editors in chief of the other edition,...)

_ Analysis of the information collected and content analysis of the international editions, matching up the information

_ Oral presentation of the table of contents (30 minutes)

_ Synthesis, organizing the ideas, arguying and writing of about 100 pages within the deadlines

Licence "Information & Communication"  / Bachelor degree (BA)

French Press Institute (IFP) - University of Paris II Assas (France)

2002 - 2003

  • Understanding of media in France and abroad through history, sociology, economics and law
  • Journalism practice:
    * Mastering of press article writing techniques
    * pilote radio project (concept creation, oral presentation of the concept, writing of the radio program, editing of the radio commentary, direct live recording, sound mixing)
    As team leader, I managed to maintain the team cohesion all along the project, organise and supervise the work to make sure it would fit within the original concept, anticipated over the difficulties.


Deug "Information & communication"  / First University Degree

University of Paris III Censier (France)

2000 - 2002


  • Understanding of stakes and definition of the communication field through philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, law, etc.
  • Improvement of written and visual arguing technics (semiotics, linguistics, logics...)
  • Practice :
    * journalism (basics of journalism writing techniques and styles, basics of editing strategy through a press project's pilote in team)
    * communication within a private organisation (basics of press release, invitation letter, retro-planning, ...)
  • Extra-curriculum subject : basics of cinema's issues (aesthetics, technics, history)




Baccalauréat "economics & social studies" / A-Levels

Sacré-Coeur High School (France)




  • Understanding of the economical environment through basics (sociology within the organisations, the market, State regulatutions...)




French grades

Equivalent British gradres


12/20 B

Economics & social studies

14/20 B

History & geography

18/20 A


9/20 C


6/20 C


12/20 B


16/20 A


16/20 A