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Administration assistant                                                                                                       Saint-Maur (France)

2000-2004 (part-time & full time)

Les Ateliers d'Art
Association providing courses and events in the art field : about 1000 members, 30 teachers and 20 events a year
  • The management is composed of three state workers with an administration education, employed by the town-hall
  • The teachers (about 30 in part time) are employed by the association through the management


My route within the association 

I started in september 2000 as a temporary worker for the processing of the enrolment held once a year. The manager employed me to work every sunday to operate a basic service when management staff were unavailable. I was in charge of receiving members, visitors, teachers, and of the post-enrolment work (listings, accountacy, etc.). I was given communication duties and became an essential part of the team, providing specific skills to the organisation.


Reccurrent tasks over 4 years   
    • Enrolment : sales, processing, planning the music department for the manager, balance sheet of the enrolments, mails, etc
    • Permanence : reception, logistic support
    • Communication : events (concerts, art exhibitions, open days), association's exhibition held by the town-hall for the new comers, sales promotion (leaflets, brochures), internal documents (educational book, security book,), advertorials, help for the annual corporate book, trainees's induction, promotion campaign toward schools, etc

    > HR assistant : trainee's induction, updating files, dealing with staff questions & inquiries (contract, holidays, absence, pay slip, etc.)

    Concert of the association's teachers
Assessment of the communication actions  
  • support the courses with a slow filling rate
  • Attract the target audience to the new courses
  • Increase the visiting of the exhibitions and the audience of the concerts
  • Improve organisation's visibility in the local environment 

I developed ideas to support the management's objectives within the material constraints  


i.e. the school campaign we launched in 2004 : the manager wanted to reach local teachers within their schools to promote the association as an educational organisation they could visit with their pupils. I suggested to provide a educational session including a short training session from one of our teacher, and a questionnaire adapted to the pupils's age about the exhibition through information boards relating art techniques and history around the world.


St Maur's Mayor & his assistants at the opening of the association's exhibition


Skills developped  
  • Working within a conflicts/discontentment environment (adaptability in behaviour : firmness, persuasion, conciliation, understanding...)

  • Working within emergency/unknown/unexpected (flexibility, anticipation, autonomy, perseverance)


Competitiveness, efficiency : importance of having a good relationship with all public of the organisation (customers, partners, staff...), a quality working process and a good management of staff skills